Net-Control :

Home, Industrial
and Scientific Instrumentation
Monitoring and Control
over the Inter-Net.

Home Automation : Turn-up your central heating from the office.
Industrial Control : Monitor the plant while on tbe road.
Researchers : Control your experiment from home.

Simple control and monitoring from over the web, without having to cut holes in firewalls or run home web-servers.

Lab-Tools Ltd.
G19, Canterbury Enterprise Hub,
University of Kent,
Kent. CT2 7NJ

Company registered in England: 5101823
VAT: 849 4552 86

Dr. Beau Webber
Tel: 01227 82 4675
Fax: 01227 82 7778
Mob: 07875 170 593

Home Automation :

Often delayed in the office ?
- Save fuel by using your office web-browser to tell your heating to delay turning up in the evening, then you can turn up your central heating from the office when you know you are about to leave, and still come home to a warm house.
Away from home ? - Interface to your Home Automation set-up over the web to check for intruders, turn lights or a radio on or off.

Industrial Control :

Need cost-effective remote monitoring of plant in a variety of locations ? - Use simple web-based browsers to check on proccesses remotely, without needed dedicated servers or specially configured fire-walls at each location.

Research :

Having to stay late in the Lab to check on your experiment ?
- Monitor and control your experiments from home or while at conferences.

Dr. Beau Webber : 2008-03-30